Cyberjump seeks to foster lasting partnerships by ensuring that they are cultivated over time, leading to fair and mutually beneficial long-term relationships.


KEY PRINCIPLES To ensure the embodiment of our core principles, we've designed a streamlined Channels Program that outlines the trajectory of our business relationships.

The following are our four guiding principles:

1. Partnership-Driven Sales: We exclusively operate through our partners, ensuring that all sales processes are conducted 100% by them, without direct sales to end clients.
2. Business Growth with Support: Our goal is to stimulate the creation of new business opportunities while maintaining a high level of support, service provision, and profitability for our partners.
3. Expansive Partner Network: We aim to establish a comprehensive network of partners to optimally leverage opportunities, facilitating market expansion and mutual success.
4. Comprehensive Partner Support: We are committed to providing all necessary support to our partners, enabling them to successfully develop new business ventures with their clients.

Our Channels Program is the foundation upon which we build these relationships, simplifying and guiding the interaction between businesses towards mutual growth and success.